A hungry mother at McDonalds started to cry when something happened to her and the reason will touch your heart

Sometimes things and situations become too much for one person to handle by themselves and when some random stranger goes above and beyond and performs a random act of kindness, the feeling is surreal. The act of kindness could be anything from just lending your ears to hear their problems to paying for their meals or anything like that. Here is one such story that will bring tears to your eyes and inspire you to do the same when you see someone in problem.


1 The hungry woman at the McDonalds

A woman was having her regular food at a McDonalds when she happened to witness a very unique and sad thing unfolding in front of her eyes. She saw a woman waiting impatiently for someone at the same McDonald’s. After waiting for an hour, that someone, who happened to be her little son, arrived with his father. It seemed that it was meeting time for this mother and her son who happened to live with his father. The woman and the father of her son had an argument of him being an hour late for the meeting. When the woman requested the father for some extra money so that she could have a meal with her son at the joint, the father shocked her by refusing to give her any.


Mccafe Mcburger at mcdonalds

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2 The reason the mother cried

The mother then went out and searched every inch of her car and found some money with which she brought her son a Happy Meal and the duo sat at a table, where the kid enjoyed his food. She also asked her son for some fries which he happily fed to her mother. But this woman saw that the mother was obviously hungry, so she went to the counter and ordered two burgers, large fries and sprite and paid for the same herself. When the food came, she asked the teenager manning the counter to give this food to the woman sitting with her son along with a note she had scribbled on a napkin for her. She asked him not to tell the mother her name or that she had sent the food. When the teen took the food to that mother, she refused saying she didn’t order any food, the teen then explained that this food was not bought by him, by a kind woman and handed her the note. When she read the note, she burst into tears and accepted the food, enjoying it fully with her kid. The woman who did this act of kindness witnessed it from her own seat. If you are wondering what the note said:” Keep your head up and always push forward, You CAN. You WILL.”

Hungry boy eating burger at Mcdonalds

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