How to take great Halloween photos to show off on social media

Yes!! the festival of scare, Halloween is upon us. All that is evil and silly in us comes out in the form of costumes and makeup and jack O’ Lantern art all around the country.

Another favorite thing to do during Halloween is to capture all the festivities in the camera lenses. But most of the time, people forget the basic things while trying to make the images scary or Halloweenish. They forget that the actual thing to capture in Halloween photos is the actual spirit of Halloween.

Here are few tips and tricks to capture that perfect Halloween image.


1 Know the subject of the picture

The most basic art of taking any photograph is to know the subject of the image. Any good photographer will tell you the heart of your image will be the subject.

When you look through the view finder of your camera, the only thing in focus should be the subject and nothing else. You should put all your effort into making the subject look as good as possible and nothing else should serve as a distraction in the image.

For e.g. if you are going to shoot a jack o’ lantern, always focus on the lantern. Try and fill the frame with the lantern and nothing else. Also try and keep the background very simple. For more effect, try and include faces of kids and adults around it. Get an image from a low angle for that eerie effect of people hovering over the pumpkin in a scary way.

Always light 2-3 candles in the lantern in order to take an image of the lantern’s glow and this way the impact of the image will also be greater.

Know the subject of the picture

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