Tired of default apps taking up memory on your iPhone, here is how you remove them

Apple’s premier smart phone, the iPhone is widely criticized for the lack of option for adding external memory to the existing ones. The iPhones come with limited memory options of 16GB, 64GB and 128GB and there is no way to add a memory card to extend the memory, which gets filled up pretty fast due to all the HD photos and videos you make and the apps also take up some heavy space, not to mention the operating system itself.


Here is a way to remove those apps, albeit not permanently, from your iPhone to free up some space. Remember, whatever you do with your phone and whatever happens to your phone afterwards, we are not responsible for it. Please exercise caution.

1 Apple’s iPhone and its reach in the world

The world was changed when Apple Inc. came out with the very first iPhone in June of 2007. It was launched with much fanfare by Steve Jobs and was touted as multiple devices in one. It was the first touch screen phone with a GUI and since then, it has become the largest selling mobile phone in the world. There have been a total of 9 generations of iPhones and their combined sales have made Apple, one of the most valued companies of the world. It has 43.6 % of market share in the US and in 2014, 74 million iPhones were sold, a record in the smartphone industry. But, there has been one drawback of an iPhone and that is the limited space given in the phone. It usually comes in 16GB, 64GB and 128GB versions and priced according to the space and features. It doesn’t have any slot for adding additional memory and when you load many apps and take photos, it takes up memory. Also you cannot delete the default apps that come preloaded from factory. But with released of iOS 9 and 10, there is a trick to do this.

Apple’s iPhone and its reach in the world

Image Source: www.apple.com

2 How to remove the default apps?

Deleting default apps on your iPhone was forbidden and unless you jailbreak your phone (which is illegal and voids the warranty), you couldn’t free up the space on your phone, even when you didn’t use any of the default apps. But when iOS9 was released, people got to work and found out a way to delete those apps without jail breaking and voiding the warranty. We have for you the steps to delete the default apps, but we caution you that you follow the steps as it is and if something happens to your phone and you break it or do any other damage, we are not responsible for it. Also this trick works only if you have updated your iPhone to the new iOS 9 and later versions.


Here are the steps to remove the default apps:

How to remove the default apps

Image Source: www.inquisitr.com

  • You need to create a folder of all these apps or put them in a pre-existing folder. To create a folder, just press an app and hold on to it and drop in on top of another app.
  • When you are done with adding apps to this folder, open the folder and press and hold onto the app that you want to remove until it jiggles.
  • Now hold the jiggling app and drag it to the corner of the screen to the next page and repeat the step to take the app to the third page.
  • Now drag the app to the right and simultaneously hold onto the home button and voila! You have removed the crap app.
  • Now if you search, the app would appear in the search results. But one warning, the apps would reappear when you restart the phone, so consider never shutting your phone down and carrying a power bank.

Here is a video of the process for your benefit.


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