A simple process of how to get rid your home of negative energy using a glass of water


Negative energy in a home can be extremely disruptive. Negative energy fills a home with disharmony, breaks relationships and induces negative vibrations that robs the house of good positive vibes. Negative vibrations are bad not only for the home but for the physical and mental health of your family too. The biggest disadvantage of negative energy at home is that it is only felt after it has manifested among your family through physical and emotional ways.

Rather than waiting to find out if your home has negative energy or not, what you should learn is how to detect negative energy at home through this easy and simple method.

1 The process of detecting negative energy

Fill a glass with 1/3 of sea salt. Now fill in 1/3 water and 1/3 white vinegar. Now place it in a location or room where you suspect the negative vibes are strongest. Place the glass in a concealed spot for the entire day. Ensure that no one comes near the glass. After 24 hours if the glass seems the same, then there is no negative energy in that spot or room. You may now have to continue with another spot of the house.

The process of detecting negative energy

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