How to check for two way mirrors and cameras in changing rooms

In today’s world, privacy is something you cannot expect. Especially in public places like departmental stores, clothing stores, hotels and bars. It is not new to see and hear about news that someone was caught making videos of women who are trying on clothes in changing rooms in clothing stores or someone finding a hidden camera in their hotel rooms. Therefore it is better to be safe than sorry and we have ways for you to find out if the mirrors in your rooms are two way mirrors or not and if there are cameras in your room or changing room. Read on to find out how.

1 How to check for two way mirrors?

  • Check how the mirror is fixed in the room. Is it hanging onto something, is it fixed to the wall or embedded in the wall itself. This should be the first thing you do when you walk into a changing room or a private room in an unknown place.
  • You should knock on the mirror to check it. If the mirror is fixed on the wall or embedded on the wall, the sounding of the knocks should be dull and you should feel something solid behind the mirror. But if the mirror is a two way mirror, it will have a hollow sound to it due to having a room on the other side.
How to check for two way mirrors

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  • Try shining a light on the mirror using your phone’s flash light and place it close to the mirror. If you can, switch off the lights of the room so that the flashlight is the only source of the light. IF there is another room in the back, it will be illuminated by the flash light.
  • The best way to test the two way mirror is to do the fingernail test. Normal mirrors are second glass surfaces, meaning that there is second layer of glass on them to reflect images. Hence when you place your finger on the mirror, you will find that it will not touch the reflection on the mirror. But if the finger touches its reflection, then the mirror can be two way. But some mirrors may have your finger touching its reflections without being two way mirrors, so this test may be a hit or miss in some cases.
How to check for two way mirrors1

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