How Much Does It Cost to Become an Immigration Lawyer

Immigration lawyers are professional lawyers who have a special interest in the immigration law of countries. For various reasons, people have an interest in becoming one. However, the cost implication is largely unknown. This post intends to give a fair idea of the financial demands to become one.


1What do immigration lawyers do?

An immigration lawyer performs several functions such as:

  • helping to prepare clients’ visa and residency documents
  • assisting in changing the immigration status of the client
  • representing a client in legal proceedings on migration issues
  • helping to employ foreign workers within a legal framework
  • aid a client in applying for asylum

Generally, the work of an immigration lawyer is to help you with migration issues so that clients never have to keep looking over your shoulders. They can also work in various departments of legal institutions.

Immigration lawyer

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2Why become an immigration lawyer?

According to the UN’s Department of Economic and Social Affairs, about 3.6% of the world’s population are international migrants as of 2020. Putting it in figures, that is about 280 million people.

That much number of people needing your service shows how important the profession is. The fact stares at us in the fact that immigration law is a very viable area of specialization.


Staying in a country as an illegal immigrant could be very challenging. As a result, many people are now seeking means to legalize their stay in their host countries.

Besides, immigration lawyers are some of the highest-paid lawyers in the law firm. Take, for instance, a well-known immigration lawyer from Sheffield can guide on immigration issues in the UK at a decent cost. Let’s not pretend like that’s not enough motivation.


Another reason to become an immigration lawyer is that you get to help people through situations that pertain to their life. Many clients may have been through some trauma before reaching out to you. The threat of being returned to their source country is another they are yet to face.

As an immigration lawyer, you can help prevent that occurrence. So, if the thought of helping people get back their smile appeals to you, then it’s a course to pursue.

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3Becoming an immigration lawyer

Immigration lawyers receive just about the same training that other lawyers receive. The major difference is that they get to major in immigration law at a stage. Therefore, you begin with bagging a law degree from the university after a three years program. However, a one-year conversion course (such as Graduate Diploma in Law-GDL) is available for people who already have a university degree.


The tuition for a law course in the UK is usually between £4000 to £16000 yearly. The determinant is where you choose to study.

But that is not all.

After the three years Bachelor’s program, you must spend another year taking the Legal Practice Course (LPC) which happens to be the last vocational training for the aspiring lawyer. The cost of that as well ranges from £9,000 to over £17,000 depending on your course type and place of study.


You are almost there, in a bit.

After the LPC, you’ll need to do a sort of internship for two more years with a law firm. This is also known as getting a training contract. The LPC fills in the practical experiences that are lacking in lecture rooms.

Brace up now because lots of studying go into this program as well. Trainee solicitors get involved in tying down contracts and experience what seating is like.


Meanwhile, it is also financially demanding. The fees range from £10000 to £20000. Take, for example, the LPC cost at the University of Westminster is £12,500. It seems like a lot to pay for this stage.

However, there is good news. Most law firms pay their trainee in the course of the program. The remuneration depends on the place of internship.

4How much does it cost to become an immigration lawyer?

The breakdown of the process of becoming an immigration lawyer shows us that there is lots of money to spend. Meanwhile, it isn’t possible to put a certain cost to it as it varies on institutions, and the types of program you wish to run.

How much does it cost to become an immigration lawyer

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Final Thoughts

Perhaps you have begun to wonder if the quest to be an immigration lawyer is worth it after all. Whatever your motivation is, you are sure to find it there. Finally, being an immigration lawyer requires sweat, perseverance, and of course, more than two cents.


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