The hottest place on earth that looks like another alien world


How would you like living in the hottest place of earth? Imagine even setting foot on a scorched,barren plain where dry dust and the hot air drains you of moisture, where the climate is so cruel that only microbes exist, but yet surprising as it may seem, people actually live here,in Ethiopia’s Danakil Depression. At 410 ft below sea level, it is one of the lowest, driest and hottest places on the planet.

The Danakil depression is located, north east of Ethiopia on the Ertirean border. Situated in the Afar region, it is inhabited by the Afar population who have adapted to the inhumanly arid conditions.

1 An alien environment like that of another planet

There is no rainfall in the Danakil depression except for a meager200mm, which is the maximum received annually. Such factors make it the most inhospitable and driest regions on earth and the area is one of the most famous places of study among scientists in finding proof and specimens linked to evolution. In fact, it was in this very region that the famous female fossil skeleton called Lucy was discovered in 1974. Belonging to the hominini species, Australopithecus afarensis, it was dated as 3.2 million years old and was the first sample of evolutionary changes suggesting that ape like humanoids first walked on two feet before brain development.


The entire depression features strange and weird geographical features which look like some alien environment of another planet. Lava filled lakes in volcanoes, a panorama of hydrothermal fields in different colors and vast stretches of salt pans dazzling in the sun. The region is made up of three tectonic plates called the Asar junction from where the depression was formed.

alien environment

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