This horse was about to give birth, but what happened next left the doctors surprised

Veterinary world also has its share of miracles and sometimes things even happen against the odds. When life is about to take birth on this Earth, nothing can stop it, no matter whatever may come. Not only the human world, but also the animal world sees miracles births happening and in this story, you will read about something happening that has the odds of 1:10,000.


Not only the odds, but even the life of the mother was at stake when the birth was happening and the new born were also having the risk to survive after complications occurred soon after their birth. Read the whole story here about a real miracle equine birth.

1 The horse that was ready to give birth

In the month of May, two years ago, the doctors and students at the Oregon State University Veterinary College happened to witness something that has very less odds of happening. There was a female horse that was pregnant and students and doctors at the veterinary college were awaiting the birth of the foul. The odds of the birth of twins in equine world are very less. When a mare gives birth, the odds of two live foals taking birth are 1:10,000 and it is pretty much harmful for the life of the mare. Therefore, the owners of the horse were in for a surprise as the horse gave birth to not one, but two foals and they had to be referred to the Oregon State University.

The horse that was ready to give birth

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2 Did they survive?

The doctors and students were stunned in astonishment at the twin foal birth. The foals were named Mocha and Cappucino. Dr. Schlipf says, “I’ve been doing this for 30 years, and this is only the second set of live twins I’ve seen in 30 years of doing equine practice, so it’s extremely rare to see this.”


He said that he asked his students to make a special note for the event as they might not get to see this again in their career. Both the foals had to be cared for by the staff and students of CVM foal team, as their mother could not nurse them. They were not receiving any colostrum due to their mother’s inability to nurse them and the doctors gave them plasma, antibiotics and care. The video shows their condition after a week of their birth and the elder one, Cappuccino seems to be one lively and adventurous foal, whereas, the younger twin, Mocha, has been diagnosed with angular limb deformity and doctors say that with some bandaging, he should develop his limbs properly.

Aren’t they a treat to watch?


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