Hordes of Grasshoppers Have Swarmed Las Vegas and Experts Say They Aren’t Going To Leave Soon

9They are known as pallid winged grasshoppers

The grasshoppers that swarmed Las Vegas are known as pallid winged grasshoppers from the Acrididae family and range from South America’s Argentina to the British Columbia in Canada. They are also concentrated in North America and communities can be found abundant in ecosystems of the desert areas.


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10A natural occurrence as records show in history

Such outbursts and swarms are not an unusual occurrence and have happened according to historical records. Research has found that between the years of 1952 and 1980, there were no less than six outbreaks in Arizona alone. One lasted as long as two years which is frightening. Such insect outbreaks are usually common to Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and California.


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11It was due to the incessant rainfall that was more than the yearly average

In this particular instance, the reason for the grasshopper invasion was because of the incessant rainfall which on an average is around 5 inches every year. The same amount of rain was recorded between January to June alone.


The grasshoppers are usually drawn to green open spaces where they can latch into broad-leafed weeds and UV light. LA is full of UV lights and the most iconic of all is the UV light Sky Beam that shoots up from the pyramid-shaped Luxor. The incident of the grasshoppers swarming Las Vegas has even gone viral; with several videos cropping up all over the net. If y9u want to deter the grasshoppers, change your lights to yellow incandescent bulbs which aren’t likely to attract the insects.

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12It could be weeks before they leave

Officials are also warning people not to use pesticides as they are harmless. They will disperse in 24 hours and most probably have already left Las Vegas by now. People just have to bear the incident up and wait it out till the insects leave on their own although some experts say that it could even be weeks till they finally leave. Now that’s a scary thing to hear.


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