Honest Family Finds Almost $1 Million In Cash And Returns It To The Police

We have seen this scenario play out in many Hollywood movies. A person finds a bag or envelope of cash and it changes their lives. We often think that this cannot happen in real life but we would be mistaken as it has happened in real life. There are many people in this world who have found bags or envelopes filled with cash and instead of keeping it for themselves they have returned it to the police. Today, we’re going to see one such story where a family finds a life-changing amount of money and instead of being greedy they decided to be honest and return it.


1A scene straight out from a movie

The entire story feels like something straight out of a movie. A family out for a drive only to find a big bag of cash lying in the middle of nowhere, what do they do with it? But, it seems like real life has a sense of humor when it was deciding what Emily and David Schantz were going to be doing on that lucky afternoon.

A scene straight out from a movie

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2The family was out

Emily and David Schantz along with their family were out for an afternoon drive to have a change of scenery thanks to the coronavirus lockdown. They felt like a nice short drive through the countryside could help cheer them and their children up after months of being indoors.

The family was out

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3The mysterious bag

The drive was going great until they saw a bag lying on the road. The husband driving their pickup truck swerved to not hit the bag only to find another bag lying about 15 feet away. Being a good family the husband and wife decided to remove the bags from the road and place it on the side to avoid any traffic accidents.

The mysterious bag

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4They thought it was trash

The couple thought the bags were filled with trash and since they were no trash cans nearby and the road they were on was very neat and clean they placed the bags in the back of their truck. After the news broke while talking to reporters the family admitted that nothing seemed out of the ordinary when they picked up the bags.

The family found bag with 1million

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5They did not know what they had

The family had no idea what they were carrying behind in their truck. It was only when they got home that they opened it up and saw the stacks of money inside. The Schantz called a Sheriff’s deputy whom they knew from church, and he encouraged them to call the Sheriff’s office.

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