Struggling and homeless mother of 3 texts the wrong man, but then he says he wants to meet her

It’s not easy looking after three kids especially when your partner isn’t around because of a separation. Amy Rickel a mom of three was unfortunate to have fallen on hard times. Being considerate enough to move to Green Bay, Wisconsin so that her kids could be close to their dad left her homeless instead. Amy suddenly found herself jobless, homeless and nowhere to go. Moreover she had three young kids, what was she to do.


To add to her predicament, Amy’s car also broke down. Here was a mother of three living her own nightmare and it wasn’t a movie, Amy was living her own struggle all in a pursuit to happiness. Ultimately in a bid to message for help this struggling mom texts the wrong man instead.


1 Broke and nowhere to go

Amy found herself living with her three children in a hotel and the funds were running out. She was soon broke and had nowhere to go. Even shelters refused her room because they were full, those that accepted children was bursting with a waiting list of three months. It seemed as if the world was crushing her.

Amy was distraught and desperate. It was then that the helpless mother made a decision to seek help from friends who could help along with prayers which she desperately needed. In her turmoil while messaging a Facebook friend Brian, Amy instead messaged a stranger by mistake. The desperate mom texts the wrong man. Little did she know that mistake would create a turn of events in her life?

Facebook friend Brian

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2 A huge turn of events

Amy immediately apologized to Brian Van Boxtel by texting “ooopss!! Wrong message!” BY now Amy was sobbing. She prayed for a solution to her problems even as she was embarrassed for the wrong message. Suddenly she received a reply from the man whom she texted.

Brian was a compassionate human being who believes that there is always a purpose in life. He believed that there was a reason for Amy making that mistake and reaching out to him. When this mom texts the wrong man, it was fate. What transpired over the next nine days is being termed a miracle of Christmas. We’ll let you watch the video to find out how Brian changed Amy’s life.


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