This home was abandoned for almost half a decade but it looks fabulous


Aren’t we all a bit too familiar with the saying ‘home is where your heart is’? It seems like the owner of this particular house took this in the literal sense and designed it in a way that was very close to his heart. What more, the interior of the house even looks like the insides of a giant, velvety heart. When the famous ‘plumber to the stars’ Jack Stephan purchased this house about half a decade ago and revamped it into the ‘Stephan’s Folly’ that it is today, he would never have guessed how the house would remain a home left untouched by time even after all these years. Time spared this house in such a way that it seems as good as new till this date.

1 A Beauty Wrapped in Time

The beauty of this home, left untouched by time for almost half a decade now is maintained just the way it looked since 1971. This eclectic piece of real estate is at present available to buyers for $900,000. This house which is set in Palm Springs, goes by the name ‘Stephan’s Folly’ and can be referred to as a time capsule, as one truly gets transported back into the 70’s in this miracle left untouched.

A Beauty Wrapped in Time

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