Hollywood Star And Inspirational Role Model Chadwick Boseman Passes Away At 43

13He faced racism since he was a kid

Boseman grew up in a working-class family in Anderson, South Carolina. He said in multiple interviews that people who lived there had Confederate flags on trucks and openly used racial slurs on black people and even on him. But as a child, he was taught to not get violent as things could blow up very quickly.

He faced racism since he was a kid

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14He has been a voice in Hollywood

In multiple interviews for the ‘Black Panther’ movie, Chadwick brought up the topic of racism. He knew the politics behind labeling his movie as one that could set Hollywood apart from the racist undertones with an all-black cast. But, at the same time, he knew how many children he would inspire by playing this role.

He has been a voice in Hollywood

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15He wanted black actors to get opportunities

Chadwick knew the only way to end the whole racism debate was to give equal opportunities to actors and actresses regardless of their skin color or nationality. He has been vocal about Hollywood needing to change their priorities when it comes to picking actors only because they are white. His voice will always be remembered as will his incredible performance.

He wanted black actors to get opportunities

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16His unfortunate passing

Boseman was diagnosed with stage III colon cancer in 2016, which eventually progressed to stage IV before 2020. In his entire career, Boseman had not spoken publicly about his cancer diagnosis. He passed away at his residence on August 28, 2020, with his wife and family by his side.

His unfortunate passing

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