Hollywood Star And Inspirational Role Model Chadwick Boseman Passes Away At 43

9He was a role model

Chadwick was unlike most black actors his age. He began his career late in Hollywood at around the age of 30. But in a very few years, he rose to the top. Thanks to his role in the MCU now every child across the world knows his name and the importance of the ‘Black Panther’ comics.

Chadwick was a role model

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10He wanted to be the Black Panther

Chadwick stated in multiple interviews that he prayed that he would get the role of the ‘Black Panther’ when Marvel announced they were working on making it a movie. He felt very honored and lucky to have gotten the call from Marvel studios to play the role of ‘T’Challa / Black Panther’ in Captain America: Civil War and continue with a five-movie deal.

He wanted to be the Black Panther

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11It was an emotional movie for him

When ‘Black Panther’ hit theaters in 2018 it was a staggering cultural phenomenon. It became the fourth-highest grossing movie in domestic box-office history. This was a perfect balance of Chadwick’s incredible acting range with the glossy finish of the MCU. Chadwick had portrayed many historical black figures and this was another one on that list.

Emotional movie for him

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12The movie was quite important

According to Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige, Boseman was on the top of the studio’s list when casting Black Panther. This movie was very important to the studio and they wanted someone like Boseman to play the role. They believed he would do the character justice and had what it took to play him.

The movie was quite important

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