Hollywood Star And Inspirational Role Model Chadwick Boseman Passes Away At 43

5He was vocal about racism

He was fired from his spot on ‘All My Children’ because he voiced his concerns to the producers about racist stereotypes in the script. His role was recast but his voice was not silenced. He got his first feature film in 2008 titled ‘The Express: The Ernie Davis ‘. He would become a regular on the show ‘Persons Unknown’ in 2010.

He was vocal about racism

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6His big break

He got his big break in 2013 to play the role of baseball pioneer and star Jackie Robinson in the movie ‘42’. This was no easy role for the actor to play. Jackie Robinson was a role model not just for the black community but for baseball lovers. Jackie Robinson’s widow was heavily involved in the project and didn’t know who Boseman was at the time.

His big break

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7The movie was a hit

The movie was a success with critics and movie fans praising Boseman’s performance. This would be the start of Boseman playing historical movie figures in Hollywood. His next movie was ‘Get on Up’ where he played singer James Brown. The movie was a success with critics once again praising Boseman’s performance.

The movie was a hit

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8This shaped his appeal in Hollywood

Since he constantly played historical black figures in Hollywood it shaped the way directors, producers, and people looked at him. They knew he had immense talent and was proud of his community and heritage. Many young actors have stated that he was their inspiration for joining Hollywood.

This shaped his appeal in Hollywood

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