The fascinating Hollow Earth Theory claims there is a Sun and advanced civilization living inside the Earth

Conspiracy theories will never cease to fascinate the human race. Even though some may be too far fetched to believe, still it makes a great awesome read to contemplate what if!! Who knows what truths may be lurking behind such theories because what was considered science fiction 50 years back is reality today.

The hollow Earth is one such fascinating topic that has always perplexed conspiracy theorists since the 18th century. The notion that the Earth has a hollow space in it makes an amazing case for debate even as the scientific community has dismissed it as hogwash.

1 The hollow earth theory

It was Edmund Halley who in 1692 made an incredible claim that the Earth could be a hollow shell with two inner concentric shells and a core within it. Each shell has its own atmosphere and magnetic poles much like an earth within an earth.

How far it can be believed or not but pictures of the opening are said to exists which have been taken from space, such pictures have been circulating the internet for some time. The hollow earth is also perceived by theorists to be the greatest cover up of all time where repeated photos of Google earth showing openings on the earth’s surface have been repeatedly covered up.

 The hollow earth theory

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