Hold your breath for 10 most expensive things of the world!

The billion dollar question here is, what would you do if you won a lottery of a million dollars? Common answers would be, ‘travel the world’, ‘buy plenty of things’ or ‘invest in shares’ etc. But would you buy a single thing for a million dollars? If so, what would it be? There are some really expensive things on this list, but beware, they will make you weep over your petty bank balance. Are you ready to read?


1 Yacht History Supreme, 4.5 billion USD

This amazing Yacht is plated with 100,000 kg of gold and platinum and has a statue made of T-Rex’s bone! Yes, you read that right. Not just that, while you are merrily cruising over the seas, you can drink from a bottle made out of an 18-carat diamond. How’s that for making to the top of most expensive things?

Yacht History Supreme, 4.5 billion USD

Image Source: www.luxuryandglamor.com


2 Antilia, 1 billion USD

Antilia, a mythical name for a super extravagant 34-storey mammoth of a home, is the house owned by an Indian billionaire MukeshAmbani. This house can survive an earthquake of magnitude 8.0 and contains 3 helipads. The huge parking space can hold 160 cars. Now, that’s what we call luxurious living!

Antilia, 1 billion USD

Image Source: www.blogspot.com


3 Villa Leopolda, 506 million USD

This gorgeous villa is built on the French Riviera and proudly stands as the second most expensive home on this planet. This house also served as a WW II hospital.

Villa Leopolda, 506 million USD

Image Source: www.pinimg.com


4 The Card Players’ (painting), 260 million USD

Paintings have always had a pretty great value; of course we are not talking about our talent less dabbles. ‘The Card Players’, by French artist Paul Cezzane, is owned by the Royal family of Al Thani of Qatar.

The Card Player

Image Source: www.forbes.com


5 Sculpture: L’Homme qui marche (Walking Man), 104.3 million USD

This genius of a sculpture is the most expensive piece of art to ever sell in an auction. ‘Walking Man’ surpassed the former title holder, Pablo Picasso’s ‘Boy with a Pipe’.

L’Homme qui marche

Image Source: www.doublestonesteel.com


6 Painting: Number 5, 1948, 140 million USD

Now, this is the kind of painting that people are scared to comment upon. Is the painting really that great? Or is your sense of art that pathetic? Go on, try to decide…

Meanwhile, Jackson Pollock’s work has been both celebrated and critiqued. As per the criticism for obvious reasons, but not everybody can sell a canvas filled with random blobs of paint for 7 figures!


Image Source: www.jackson-pollock.org

7 Garçon a la pipe (painting), 104 million USD

‘Garçon a la pipe’ or the ‘Boy with a pipe’ is one of the most celebrated paintings of Pablo Picasso. This was made in 1905 and held the title of most expensive piece of art work to sell at an auction until the ‘Walking Man’.

Garçon a la pipe

Image Source: www.famous-artwork.com

8 1963 Ferrari GTO, 52 million USD

The 1962 Ferrari GTO was sold for 35 million USD, but the 1963 GTO was bid for a handsomeamount of 52 million USD by an anonymous buyer in a private transaction.

1963 Ferrari GTO

Image Source: www.supercarscorner.com


9 Drawing: Raphael’s Head of a Muse, 47.9 million USD

This humble drawing with no over the top technical merit was expected to sell at 20 million USD, but it ended up being sold for over double the expected price. It was sold at the 2009 auction by Christie’s London.

Raphael’s Head of a Muse

Image Source: www.cmestatic.com

10 Watch: Haute Joaillerie from Chopard, 25 million USD

This gems studded watch looks like a glittering slob of mess than a watch that tells time. But someone found it worth their time, and not to forget, their money!

Haute Joaillerie from Chopard,

Image Source: www.wonderwardrobes.com

11 The ‘Perfect Pink’, 23 million USD

Reckon, heavy price to pay for the ‘perfect pink’? Apparently not, this 14 carat perfect diamond struck someone’s fancy and was sold at a whooping 23 million dollars.

After looking at this extravagant list of expensive things, how depressed are you on a scale of 1-10? There, there, don’t lose hope. Who knows, some day you could win a lottery and get a plenty of money to spend. In that case, which expensive item would you fancy? (I already called dibs on the yacht!)

Perfect Pink

Image Source: www.mining.com


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