Hockey Player’s Wife Went Into Labor Before Game But Opponent Saves The Day With Unexpected Help

Team rivalries in Ice hockey is no sugar and spice. It isn’t cricket and it is not uncommon to see rivals removing gear and slogging at each other in the middle of the rink. And! That incidentally happens to be the main attraction for many an Ice Hockey fan because after all who wants to see a mild and mellow game without the dramatics and slug fest.

1Without a bit of slugging, games would be boring right?

It would be boring. But!! This doesn’t mean the sportsmanship is dead in ice hockey because that’s what usually happens on the rick. Off rink is another matter entirely. This hockey player’s wife went into labor and he received help from an unexpected quarter instead.

Without a bit of slugging

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2Intense rivalry on the rink but off the rink is another story and much love

Sportsmanship and friendship of the rink was displayed in a beautiful incident that took place last week involving left winger Pierre-Cedric Labrie of the Milwaukee Admirals AHL team. Although life was exciting for the hockey star, it was about to get even more exciting for him as his wife Jana Pieuze Roy was in the last semester of pregnancy.

He was about to get the best New year’s gift of his life but it was to come at a weird moment. Fortunately, he was to get help from an unexpected source and that was a rival hockey opponent.

Intense rivalry on the rink

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3Pierre Cedric Labrie faced a huge emergency

Last week, Pierre was all set to go on a four hour trip with the team for a game against the Grand Rapids Griffins. It was an away match and Pierre was worried about having to go away so long. His wife insisted that he do so even though minor cramping had begun.

Pierre Cedric Labrie

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4She said everything would be fine and taken care of

Labrie was anxious and was reported to have said “I’m like, ‘Tell me right now. I’ll stop the bus and get a ride from here,” when Jana replied back ‘No, I’m going to be fine.’”. When the team arrived in the Grand Rapids, Labrie fell asleep by midnight. After a while, he recovered that one cal he was dreading at night, it was Jana and she was in labor.

The team arrived in Grand Rapids, and Labrie was asleep by midnight—until he was woken up by a call from his wife who said those all-important words, “water broke”.

Pierre-Cedric Labrie

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