Hockey Player’s Wife Went Into Labor Before Game But Opponent Saves The Day With Unexpected Help


Team rivalries in Ice hockey is no sugar and spice. It isn’t cricket and it is not uncommon to see rivals removing gear and slogging at each other in the middle of the rink. And! That incidentally happens to be the main attraction for many an Ice Hockey fan because after all who wants to see a mild and mellow game without the dramatics and slug fest.

1Without a bit of slugging, games would be boring right?

It would be boring. But!! This doesn’t mean the sportsmanship is dead in ice hockey because that’s what usually happens on the rick. Off rink is another matter entirely. This hockey player’s wife went into labor and he received help from an unexpected quarter instead.

Without a bit of slugging

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2Intense rivalry on the rink but off the rink is another story and much love

Sportsmanship and friendship of the rink was displayed in a beautiful incident that took place last week involving left winger Pierre-Cedric Labrie of the Milwaukee Admirals AHL team. Although life was exciting for the hockey star, it was about to get even more exciting for him as his wife Jana Pieuze Roy was in the last semester of pregnancy.

He was about to get the best New year’s gift of his life but it was to come at a weird moment. Fortunately, he was to get help from an unexpected source and that was a rival hockey opponent.

Intense rivalry on the rink

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3Pierre Cedric Labrie faced a huge emergency

Last week, Pierre was all set to go on a four hour trip with the team for a game against the Grand Rapids Griffins. It was an away match and Pierre was worried about having to go away so long. His wife insisted that he do so even though minor cramping had begun.

Pierre Cedric Labrie

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4She said everything would be fine and taken care of

Labrie was anxious and was reported to have said “I’m like, ‘Tell me right now. I’ll stop the bus and get a ride from here,” when Jana replied back ‘No, I’m going to be fine.’”. When the team arrived in the Grand Rapids, Labrie fell asleep by midnight. After a while, he recovered that one cal he was dreading at night, it was Jana and she was in labor.

The team arrived in Grand Rapids, and Labrie was asleep by midnight—until he was woken up by a call from his wife who said those all-important words, “water broke”.

Pierre-Cedric Labrie

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5She was going into labor

Labrie was in a real dilemma. There was no time to return back to be present for the birth of his child. The next flight out was scheduled for 6.30 after which there was a 90-minute drive, so there was no way he would reach on time. The only way he would make it was by a direct drive but there was only one problem, Labrie didn’t have a car. Moreover, with New Year parties underway and storms, there wasn’t even hired transport available. So what was he to do?

Labrie was in a real dilemma

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6Labrie even contemplated hitchhiking

By now Labrie was contemplating hitchhiking as he had become desperate. He woke up Mark Zengerle, a teammate who also used to play for the Griffins. He felt perhaps Zengerle would have some knowledge that could help him out. Zengerle had a spark of an idea suggesting that Labrie approach one of his opponents who might be able to help him out.

Zengerle was quoted by Labrie as saying “He’s like, ‘There’s a guy on the other team. He’s a really good guy.’”. The guy in question was none other than Tom McCollum.

Labrie even contemplated hitchhiking

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7Tom McCollum played as backup goalie for the Grand Rapids team

That night the Griffins were just on their way back to the home city and McCollum was busy watching a movie on the bus when he received a text from Zengerle.

“It was kind of funny the way he said it,” McCollum recalled in an interview to the Journal Sentinel. “He was like, ‘Hey, I’ve got a question; it’s totally cool if you say no.’”

Tom McCollum played as backup goalie

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8Did he say no?

NO!! Because he said yes! McCollum was totally willing to help Labrie inspite of not having met him before except for the few encounters on the ice. Labrie said that McCollum was one of those players who may look tough but were really nice guys off the ice.

McCollumagreed to lend Labrie his car as he wouldn’t be needing it for a few days. Moreover, his house was just across from Labrie’s hotel. Labrie took the car a Ford F-150 which was ideal for the heavy snow. Nothing was going to stand in his way now.


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9He made it well within time

Labrie made it with 40 minutes to spare. He reached at 6:15 and his baby was born at 6:54. He was a proud and mighty pleased dad. Everything worked out well and even the bay was a healthy little boy whom they named Lionel.

He made it well within time

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10Labrie and McCollum met as rivals on the ice

Labrie and McCollum got to meet each again but on the ice as rivals of opposing team. Labrie did return his car with a full refill of gas. He offered to pay for the rental to which McCollum refused. He was just glad that he could help.

Labrie and Mcollum

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11The perfect sportsman

When a rival hockey player’s wife went into labor, McCollum behaved like a true gentleman and a perfect sports professional. This 6 ft 3, 228-pound hockey giant turned into a teddy bear. What happens on the ice stays on the ice. McCollum said “I was happy to be able to facilitate the situation,” “I was more than thrilled when he texted me that he made it in time.”

Labrie  with baby

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12McCollum on Pierre

About Pierre he said, “I’ve never actually met PC, but I played against him a bunch when he was in Rockford,” McCollum said. “He’s one of those … you can just tell he’s an honest hockey player.

v“Especially the tough guys, they always seem to be the nicest guys off the ice. Again, knowing that he’s been around for a few years and knowing he’s an older guy, those are the kind of guys you trust.”It seems rivals can be rivals in the arena but there is no reason for them to be so in real life and McCollum is the finest example of that.

Mcollum on Pierre

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