9 Hidden Psychological Problems A Messy Home Can Reveal About People

Whether you like cleaning or not depends on your personality. The way a person keeps their home can reveal a lot of their nature and personality which includes cleaning, doing the dishes or even attending to upholstery and the condition of their wardrobe. In fact, you can learn a lot about your own personality simply by the way you organize and clean your home. Similarly, your personality influences whether you like or dislike cleaning. If you really want to read people accurately, just go to their home which will reveal a lot. Here are the psychological features that people reveal through their everyday habits.


1Where they hide their junk

When you first enter their home, the apartment will appear nice and clean. Everything appears in their proper places, books will seem well arranged and orderly, the room will also be well decorated with appropriate wallpaper. But then all you have to do is take a look in cupboards, wardrobes, kitchen drawers, closets and shelves. They will be messy and full of junk, crumpled and untidy clothes, broken objects, stationary and what not. In short, the mess will be concealed.

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This reveals a dramatic personality

Looks are important to many people and it doesn’t have anything to do with appearance. How things look on the surface is more important to those considered a dramatic personality type. Such people prefer doing things to make a good impression on others and even like showing only their good side. Such people don’t usually get rid of old stuff and neither do they keep stuff organized but prefer to conceal it. For them an attractive home is more important than a clean home.

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2There is an absence of renovation

In such a case, there will be even the minimum renovation absent from the house. There are people who will live for a long time in a house with a leaky faucet, leaking pipes, broken windows, or even torn wallpaper. They will also keep old stuff in boxes rather than throw them out and spend son purchasing something new or make repairs. Such people will treat their homes as if it is a temporary residence and behave as if they may soon be moving or migrating abroad or simply waiting for a major life change.

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They may live in a temporary state for years

Such people might live their entire life in a temporary state. Psychologically speaking, such people usually live with the inclination of waiting for a rosy bright future which may not happen and their present circumstances are just a temporary situation that they have to tolerate. They may also not have any plan in mind and will live in such a circumstances waiting for external help to change their situation.

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3They have a messy workspace

Where psychology is concerned, it is the workplace that is a point of revelation of a person’s character. While some may have their items neatly placed in files and folders, others will have everything strewn around. Their stationery, laptops, diaries will all be disorganized and untidy even gathering dust. This usually means that the person is full of high self-esteem and can also be a bit immature.

However, according to psychological studies a messy desk is also a sign of a creative and intelligent person. A workplace may be messy but if you do other stuff besides typing, then most probably your workplace is going to look untidy and it is also highly probable that you have spontaneous creative ideas and hence the clutter because of things needed instantly.

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