Heroic Hurricane Florence Volunteers Brave Floods To Save Dogs Trapped In Kennel About To Drown

Hurricane Florence categorized by the weather department as a tropical storm wreaked havoc with incredible rainfall in North and South Carolina. As it struck land, its intensity increased shutting out power cables and damaging property. At least 8 people were reported killed because of flooding that is slowly rising. Reuters reported that the storm’s intensity reduces along the US mid-Atlantic coast and into a hurricane that was crawling west at 3mph. In the following week, many parts of North and South Carolina will be underwater according to the National Hurricane Center in Miami. Recent events in the involving the storm have made headlines but one story is doing the viral rounds and it highlights how dogs and animals are the worst affected because they risk drowning.


1Volunteers saving animals found dogs locked in a flooded shelter

Braving the flood waters and the hurricane, a few volunteers have been admirably going and saving dogs either abandoned which is a common feature in storms or locked in kennels with stupid caretakers conveniently forgetting about them.

Volunteers saving animals found dogs

Image Source: dailymail.co.uk


2Had they not reached in time, they could have drowned

The incident took place in North Carolina where six dogs had been found locked in a flooded kennel cage during Hurricane Florence. Had the rescuers not come in time, the dogs might have drowned as some of them already had to wade in the water.

Dogs trapped in cage

Image Source: wwwcache.wral.com


3The animals were frantic

The dogs were found barking and frantic. Some were standing on their hind legs and resting against the cage in a bid to stay above the water. It was clear to see from the video below how desperate their situation was.

The animals were frantic


4Locked and abandoned by their owners

The kennel was located on a property in Leland, NC and as usual, the owners had abandoned their home but forgotten about their dogs. That’s some dog lover for you. One of the rescuers Marcus Di Paola tweeted “Rescued six dogs in Leland, NC after the owner left them locked in an outdoor cage that filled with flood water that was rapidly rising.”

Locked and abandoned by their owners

Image Source: metro.co.uk


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