What It Felt Like To Be World’s Heaviest 10 Year Old Boy And Now After Losing 100 Kgs

9Today he can walk to school

Arya today walks at least 1 km to school daily and he also has enough energy to play and swim with his friends. Arya says he is happier because now he can play football and hang out with friends which he could never do before. He can also go swimming in the river. ‘Back then I couldn’t do anything [or] go anywhere, I couldn’t play football before I couldn’t play badminton but now I can do it.’  Even Arya’s parents have noticed a change in their son who is much happier than before.

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10A more cheerful attitude

Arya’s family says his attitude has also changed to become more cheerful and with his new bodyweight is often outdoors playing volleyball or football with his friends. He also goes jogging with them in the morning which was unheard of earlier. Arya’s father says that the boy is much more confident and his mental state has improved considerably.

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11He needs to get all the skin removed

According to Arya’s father “before if he wanted to come with his friends, he feels not confident because he has to walk quite far and was not strong enough.” Arya’s weight loss transformation has improved and changed his life drastically. However, it has also resulted in a lot of excess skin hanging from his abdomen, chest arms and legs.

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12Skin removal surgery scheduled after his exams

Arya who is now 13 and a teenager looks better and feels better. He is looking forward to another surgery where he is scheduled to have all the excess skin removed. The skin removal surgery will take place at the Hassan Sadikin Hospital in Bandung but only after he completes his national exams. His father says ‘Even though he does exercise, playing football and badminton and his body is already strong, the loose skin is hanging down and it must be removed,’ his father said.

You can watch the video which gives a very good idea about his weight loss journey. Once the skin is removed, Arya can look forward to a happier and normal life.



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