What It Felt Like To Be World’s Heaviest 10 Year Old Boy And Now After Losing 100 Kgs

5Arya was desperate to be thin again

After seeing other children going to school and playing, Arya was desperate to get thin again. His bad habits had got the better of him where he needed five meals a day with large portions in every meal. He could barely move five meters without getting tired.

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6Apprehensive at first

The family who lives in Karawang, West Java was reluctant at first to let Arya go under the surgeon’s knife because they didn’t want to take the risk. ‘At the beginning, we didn’t want to do the surgery to Arya,’ said his father. He added ‘Finally, the doctor showed us the procedure from the videos. The doctor showed the types of equipment and they will open [the skin] just 1cm. ‘And after we understood the procedure, we had a family meeting; we agreed and made a decision to do the surgery for Arya.’ 

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7A dramatic weight loss after the surgery

Arya’s surgery took place at the Omni Hospital in Jakarta. Within a month of the surgery he lost 70 pounds and continued losing weight. However, the boy was far from happy because even losing weight came with its own disadvantages. He was upset that he couldn’t eat anymore.  His father explained that if he ate the same quantity as before, he would vomit.

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8His appetite reduced drastically

After the surgery, Arya would be full after only seven spoons of food. But gradually, Arya has reconciled to his transformation and says “Back then, yeah I would like to eat instant noodles but now I can’t and I got used to it so I don’t want it.” He now only eats grilled fish, vegetables and fruits.

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