Read a heartfelt note from a husband to his working wife

Women are god’s greatest creations in every sense. They are capable of doing almost anything possible on this Earth and are blessed with power to give birth to young ones. Not just human females, but females of any species tend to be both maternal as well as ferocious when time comes.

As for human females, they can work hard and take care of their professional lives without compromising on their care towards the family. They give their full effort into everything they do and accomplish whatever they have aspired to. As for the husbands, they tend to give full support to their working wives and this means that they take care of the house and the kids when their better halves are out working.

Here is how one husband saw how hard his wife worked and this led him to pen a heartfelt note on all the things his wife did and how much hard work she was doing to save lives in her career. Read the heart touching poem by a husband to his working wife.

1 Bobby Wesson and his wife Rayena

Bobby Wesson with his wife Rayena

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Bobby Wesson recently shared a pic of her wife Rayena and their toddler son sleeping together, along with a message that has gone viral on social media. Rayena works as a trauma nurse and has very long shifts at work and often comes home exhausted. But she still manages to take care of the house and their toddler son as well. Bobby knows that his wife who is a stroke nurse and dedicates herself to her work life and never whines or complains.

Rayena works as a trauma nurse

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