Heartbreaking rescue story of a Nigerian boy who was left to die by his family


Some time back there was a heartbreaking image doing rounds of the internet in which there was a severely malnourished child who was being given a drink of water by a woman in Nigeria. The image was so shocking and disturbing that it invoked responses from all over the world regarding the details of the boy and the whole story about the child’s condition and whether something was done for him or not.

The child was apparently roaming on the streets of Nigeria naked and looking for food all by himself after being abandoned by his family. An aid worker found him and gave him a drink of water and rescued him from the streets.

Here is more on the child’s condition and some more heartwarming news on the rescue of the boy.


1 The boy

This boy was two years old and was roaming on the streets of Nigeria all by himself and was severely malnourished from not having eaten food for some days. He was found in the same condition by an aid worker by the name of Anja Loven who initially fed him some biscuits and gave him some water.

The boy was abandoned by his family for being accused of being a witch and was left on the streets to fend for himself. Such situations are pretty common in Nigeria where people have strong belief in shamans and black magic.

If the magic man points towards a member of family (which is undergoing some troubled time) calling that member a witch, the family then outcasts that particular member from the house. It doesn’t matter if the member is a male or a female, young or old or even disabled; that member is left to fend for himself/herself or die on street.

The boy

Image Source: www.independent.co.uk


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