11 Harmful Things Most Parents Do To Their Kids Without Being Aware Of It

Parents are usually overprotective about their kids when they are in playgrounds or on the streets but they do not realise that most of them can get seriously injured inside the house and in places which we deem to be most safe for our kids. There are many things which look safe and harmless but can be dangerous for your kids even at home. Here are certain things which you should refrain from doing if you want to keep your child safe.


1 Letting them play dangerous sports

If your child is athletically active it is great news for most of them but there are certain high-risk games and sports which they should not be introduced to at a small age. The “Big 6” is the terminology given to the most dangerous sports, and they are American football, Ice hockey, mixed martial arts, boxing, wrestling and rugby. In these games a child receives multiple blows on the head and the body which may lead to serious brain complications.

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What to avoid

High impact games such as these can also cause spine compressions and hyperextension of back leading to serious deformities. Repeated exposure to such game leads to scoliosis over time. Lifting weights over the head, squatting, hard landings like in cheerleading and long-distance running should be avoided.

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2Letting them sit in a W position

It’s a very common position for a kid to sit on the floor as its very comfortable for them, but if they this is the only position, they choose all the time it’s dangerous for them. In fact, this sitting position can become a new health epidemic says osteopath Avni Trivedi as it negatively impacts their joints and hip bones, weakens their trunk muscles, and place extra pressure on their back, necks and shoulders.

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3Giving them tablets (especially toddlers)

Small kids and toddlers today are spending a lot of time with electronic devices be it TV, PC or tablets which are not meant for them. The screen time should be very limited and child must be exposed to real games, toys and even pets. The blue light these screens emit can cause headaches, neck and shoulder pain, dry or irritated eyes among others. They also cause psychological issues such small attention spans, poor behaviours, and irritability. It also affects their normal sleep cycles making them constantly exhausted and tired.

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