Hailstorm that ravaged Oklahoma shows Ice as large as baseballs Let’s watch it

What do you do when a massive hailstorm ravages your city?? That’s right!! You stay put indoors, but!! That does not apply to everyone. There are many brave stalwarts who dare to venture out braving nature’s ferocity with video cameras in hand to give us a firsthand glimpse of nature’s wild fury.


The great hailstorm which ravaged Oklahoma City in May 2010 was best brought to us live by a fearless YouTube user who goes by the handle ‘beatlesfanxxl’. If you watched the video, you’ll understand why it takes exemplary courage to brave nature’s tremendous power where the nasty storm was filmed by this man and his family even as they stared in awe, horrified at the destruction unfolding before their very eyes.

1 It Was Like a Disaster Movie Scene

When the heavens literally opened up with a boom, you can well imagine how transfixed they could have been at the incredible but eerie sight of hailstones the size of golf balls hurtling down towards them, all over their backyard and their pool. Remember a similar scene of falling ice in the movie ‘The Day After Tomorrow’??? What happens when you witness such a phenomenon right there before your very eyes, of course, it is frightening!


After posting his incredible footage he remarked on YouTube “This was the most insane hail storm or storm, in general, I have ever seen!” He wrote on YouTube, “Sorry about all of the oh my Gods. I was just in shock.”

It Was Like a Disaster Movie Scene

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2 The Worst Hailstorms in American History

Who wouldn’t be in shock at such a sight which could well be dramatic enough to make a witness contemplate the scene as a herald for worse things to come, fortunately, it didn’t. The video captured every part of the huge ice balls that crashed into their home. One requires no imagination when hearing the shouts of awe from the cameraman and family.

Thunderstorms and hailstorms can be devastating. In the USA, a record-breaking hailstorm hit Potter in Nebraska on July 6th, 1928, where hailstones measured the size of baseballs at almost 680 gms. Baseball sized hailstones ravaged Forth worth Dallas on 13th June 2012 causing $900 million in damages. The damage that something like a hail storm may have caused, especially one as heavy as this, can be quite a lot. Saying this, with there being professionals like round rock hail damage roofers, for example, that people can get in touch with, getting homes repaired after an event like this can provide a lot more security for families.


The worst hailstorm that hit the USA proving to be the costliest in terms of monetary damage was the one which hit Denver in July 1990. Developing in Estes Park Colorado, it ravaged central Denver raining hailstones onto the city, and again the hailstones were of the size of golf balls.

The Worst Hailstorms in American History

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3 Watch the Worst Hailstorm in Oklahoma Captured On Video

The hailstorm which hit Oklahoma City in 2010 was regarded as a supercell hailstorm which rained hailstones as big as baseballs. Wind speeds were recorded in excess of 50 kmph. The Oklahoma hailstorm caused damage that ran into millions of dollars and deep hail drifts on the ground surface were reported even after 12 hours.

When a normal hailstone can be intimidating, one can well imagine how it must have felt when citizens were being thrashed with ice balls from above. The video well depicts the ferocity of the storm and there isn’t much conversation to hear where voices have been drowned out by the howling of the wind.


The horrific hailstorm that ravaged Oklahoma city struck on a Sunday afternoon just around 4 pm. Watch the video and see for yourself the raw and remarkable power of nature’s rage.


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