8 Everyday Habits That Can Unravel the Deepest Traits of Your Personality

7Bitter food

There are many people who don’t mind drinking coffee without sugar or cream. According to scientists, people who like pure black coffee tend to have some psychological disorders quite similar to that of serial killers. If a person actually likes bitter tasting food, it could mean that they could be a psychopath.


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Food habits that denote narcissism

Also, those who like tonics, beer, and any other unsweetened drink tend to exhibit narcissistic, selfish, hypocritical, vain, and sadistic traits. They may even take pleasure from other people’s suffering.


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8How to spot fake people by habits

There is no doubt that all of us want to be successful, however, those who rush to gloat about their achievements are usually fake people. While these kinds of people want to present themselves in a better light, genuine people find no need to have to prove themselves to anyone. Genuine people don’t show off their success and are happy enough with themselves. They also express real happiness for other people’s success.


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