8 Everyday Habits That Can Unravel the Deepest Traits of Your Personality

4Reusable shopping bags

There was a time when reusable fabric shopping bags were trending and were a good substitute for paper and plastic bags. So, when people used these instead, they thought since they are doing a good thing for the environment, why not reward themselves by indulging in unhealthy junk food like sodas, chips, and chocolate bars.


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A lot can be understood about a person by simply having a look at their mailbox. Those who respond to letters as soon as they receive them, delete and sort out unimportant and important letters are people who love to have thing under control. People who do not delete their messages even after they have read them are perfectionists who require a strong sense of security.


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Intelligent people don’t care about reading emails

That’s precisely why they keep them as a backup even after knowing the contents. Those who choose to neglect reading their e-mails but also do not delete them are highly intelligent. They understand that they aren’t going to gain anything from simply wasting their time reading these letters.


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6Social media likes

When research was conducted by scientists on Facebook likes, it was discovered that this could be used to find out the intelligence level, sexual orientation, political and religious views and even the gender of a person.


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What Facebook likes reveal

While this was conducted to improve sales methods of different goods, what was also found out was that these likes were a sign of laziness. It was a form of “slacktivism” wherein people expressed their worries regarding something by the click of a mouse but never really put in any effort to show that they actually cared.


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