8 Everyday Habits That Can Unravel the Deepest Traits of Your Personality

According to scientists, there are certain aspects of ordinary everyday habits and actions which can really tell us a lot about parts of our personality that we ever so often try to hide. People rarely wonder why do others have such random actions, preferences and unusual everyday rituals and often pass it off as that person’s peculiar behavior. Although if you closely analyze these so-called behaviors and habits, you could see that these are part of person’s innermost hidden personality that you never knew of before. Here are some common habits that most people have and which can tell you a lot about them.


1 Organic food

There are many who choose to eat only high-quality foods containing no pesticides or hormones. These people tend to be less altruistic and rather subjective towards others. This means that they are always judgmental of other people. They are of the thought that if they are doing a good thing for themselves then it’s alright for them to be unethical later on.

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People who eat healthy may try something unhealthy too

It’s the same as if they visit a gym or go for several mile long jogs and then find it okay to eat a chocolate bar. People who eat only organic food are quite similar in the sense that they think it won’t do their body any harm if they indulge in unethical food eating later.

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2Tanning booths

Tanning booths became less popular when people became aware of the negative effects of tanning. Their innate desire to tan under artificial sunlight, despite its harmful effects indicates that they have different kinds of addictions. These people have increased chances of becoming alcoholics and could most probably be at the risk of suffering from seasonal affective disorder.

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3Cold shower

There has been a claim, by scientists that people compensate for emotional warmth by changing the temperature of the water when they take a shower. So, when a person takes a long shower in hot water, it’s because they are lonely.

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People who take cold water showers are egocentric

In contrast, people who love to take cold showers are often egocentric, don’t care for the opinion of others, and are stubborn. While they may listen to a different point of view, they aren’t ever going to be agreement with it.

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