10 Groundbreaking medical advancements in 2017 that will create History

Medical science has evolved along with technology to feature amazing and remarkable advancements that border on the stuff you see only in futuristic movies. With 3D technology, robotic prosthetics and genetics displaying such rapid rates of progress, 2017 will definitely see some exciting and fantastic developments in Medical Science.


According to medical scientists, 2017 will see some brilliant innovations in healthcare from transplants to vaccines and customized treatments. Such new features in the world of medicine are all set to transform millions of lives across the globe. Take a look at the amazing medical advancements set to debut in 2017.

1 Wireless Health Monitors

Today smartwatches have been invented to track levels of fitness, but now medical technology has developed an implantable device that can monitor substances in the blood and transmit the results to a Smartphone. The device 14mm long is covered with an enzyme enabled to detect chemicals like lactate and glucose. The device will be able to warn you of an impending heart attack hours before it can happen. Scientists hope it will be commercially available in 2017.

Wireless Health Monitors

Image Source: www.livescience.com

2 Tooth Regeneration

Japanese cell biologists at Tokyo University have demonstrated how bioengineered teeth can be regenerated. The research has been successful in mice could be available to humans as well. Using stem cell technology and teeth germs from mouse embryos, the team regrew teeth in mice after 36 days. Each tooth was complete with pulp, root and outer enamel. However, this may cost people a small fortune.

Tooth Regeneration

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3 The Microbiome

Bacterial microbes in your body are responsible for emitting chemicals and interfering with digestion causing disease and infection. Biotech companies are now experimenting to manipulate these microbes to do more good rather than bad. Such probiotic drinks is expected to hit markets in 2017.

Bacterial microbes in your body

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4 Diabetes Drugs to Reduce Heart Disease

Diabetes is one disease claiming the lives of millions of people around the globe. Diabetics are more prone to suffer a heart attack than a normal person. However, two new drugs called Empaglifozin and Liraglutide have been tested successfully for reducing heart related complications associated with diabetes. The positive outcome will help diabetics’ live longer lives without the risks of heart problems and will most probably be available in 2017.

Diabetes Drugs to Reduce Heart Disease

Image Source: www.vidaativa.pt

5 Liquid Biopsies that target Cancer

The current method to detect cancer is by a biopsy of bodily tissue but scientists are formulating a less painful procedure where a blood test will reveal cancer DNA present in the body. Once DNA from cancerous tumors can be detected in the blood, it can soon detect the same in other bodily fluids like spinal fluid or urine making cancer detection a faster process. Studies will be carried out next year which soon hope to eradicate cancer.

Liquid Biopsies that target Cancer

Image Source: www..amegroups.com

6 CAR-T Therapy for Leukemia

CAR –T therapy or Chimeric Antigen Receptor-T-cell is a new type of immunotherapy that treats leukemia. Hailed as a pathbreaking therapy it involves removing patient’s T-cells and making them undergo genetic modifications so that they seek and destroy cancer cells. The unique therapy which allows the T-cells to remain in the body to prevent the formation of cancerous tumors would put an end to chemotherapy. The treatment will be officially presented to the FDA for acute lymphoblastic leukemia in 2017.

CAR-T Therapy for Leukemia

Image Source: www.cancercommons.org

7 Ketamine Treatment for Depression

Depression has eluded scientists and doctors where specific treatments are still beyond the reach of patients. However new tests are underway to formulate a customized ketamine infusion for depression. Early studies show that ketamine has proved successful in treating depression which has prompted the FDA to encourage development of NMDA targeting medication that could be available in 2017. You can find out more information about intravenous ketamine therapy at pacificpsychcenters.com.

Ketamine Treatment for Depression

Image Source: www.iaspireblog.com

8 HIV Vaccine

HIV ever since its discovery has claimed the lives of millions of people worldwide. A vaccine against HIV would be no less than a miracle and scientists have been working on one since 2012. Known as SAV001, it has proved successful in animal subjects and is in the phase of human clinical trials. The vaccine injected into HIV infected patients showed a boost in immunity with no side effects. The vaccine may be available in 2017.

HIV Vaccine

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9 Prostate cancer treatment

Prostate cancer is the second most killer disease of cancer related deaths in men in the USA. The biggest disadvantage in prostate cancer is that it spreads rapidly to various parts of the body. A new treatment called HIFU or High Intensity Focused Ultrasound developed in 2012 resulted in successfully treating 95% of subjects who were cancer free in a year’s time. HIFU targeted the tumors by killing it with high degrees of heat upto 176-194 Fahrenheit without damaging surrounding tissue. It is expected to be available to the public 2017.

Prostate cancer treatment

Image Source: www.hifu-planet.com

10 Human head transplants

An ambitious Italian surgeon by the name of Sergio Canavero has had a willing volunteer for a risky and complicated procedure not attempted yet by the medical fraternity. Valery Spiridonov 31 who suffers from muscular atrophy will undergo the procedure in December 2017. It will involve 150 medical personnel and take 36 hours to complete. The head from the donor body will be frozen to prevent brain cells from dying. Hopefully, the doctor will be able to pull this off successfully which will be no doubt one of the most groundbreaking news of 2017.

Human head transplants

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