Great News! Ozone layer will repair itself by 2075

Ozone Depletion has been one of the major environmental concerns for scientists, environmental experts and governments all around the world. Survival on earth is possible because of the presence of this protective shield our earth has, as the ozone layer protects us from the harmful Ultraviolet rays coming from the sun. But the great news is that it will repair itself by 2075, and our earth will again by fully protected from the harmful UV rays.

1 A great environmental news!

The United Nations Scientists gave world the great news that the giant hole in the ozone layer has been shrinking and by 2075, the ozone layer will be completely repaired. The scientists credit this improvement to the phasing out of the chemicals used in air conditioners, refrigerators and aerosol cans used in the 1980s. Scientists revealed that the hole in the ozone layer was significantly smaller in 2009 than it was in 2008. Mario Molina, who has been awarded with a Nobel Prize for his works into the study if ozone layer said that this achievement is actually a victory for the diplomacy and science and also for the fact the world could work together in such a manner.

A great environmental news!

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