Google is hiding a big secret in the desert of New Mexico and the results may astonish you


Google has a big secret and its hiding the bang in the middle of the desert. For some time now, IT Giant Google has been working on a massive project in the desert of New Mexico. Trending news around the world speaks of Google’s secret giant radio transmitter at Spaceport. The project is estimated to take a couple of years and has been initiated by Google to test the commercialization of millimeter wave technology.

Google’s secret has filtered out depicting the process being built in spaceport America’s large New Mexico Hangar. The 100 kW transmitters are part of Google’s secret desert project called Skybender and will actually use drones running on solar power to test out the viability of incredibly high millimeter band waves.

1 Confidential under the FCC

As of now, Google’s project is deemed top secret and confidential. Information to such effect doesn’t exactly reveal the true nature of the project and its real objectives. However it is known that Google has been conducting various tests in the desert that includes a variety of bandwidths including the high frequency millimeter bandwidth technology too. What exactly is Google up to? Taking into account Google’s vast record of constant internet productivity and improvement, will it have a big surprise in store for us in the near future?

The project at spaceport is believed to be costing Google a near fortune and to the tune of approximately $1000 a day. The fact that it is top secret was revealed by Brian Benchoff, who was privy to a document sent by Google to the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) requesting permission in seeking confidential status to its new project of experimental radio testing for a period of 2 years. At least we know this much that the project is estimated to be ready by 2018.

 Confidential under the FCC

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2 What Does Skybender Has in Store for Us?

The 15,000 square feet Spaceport hangar in the deserts of New Mexico was initially built for Virgin Galactic ambitious spaceflight program. In the FCC document, Google also states it will conduct testing in the 70-80 GHz bandwidth, predominantly used for high bandwidth frequencies and communications. Google also plans to use a 96.4 kilowatt transmitter in comparison to a regular radio transmitter that runs on 50 kilowatts. What is Google going to do with so much power?

What sources suspect is that Google’s secret desert project ‘Skybender’ hopes to control a major part of net accessibility through such a project. According to some experts it could also be a project involving alien activity, who knows? Humor aside, it could well be Google’s next new venture of 5g internet beamed by solar power drones.

 What Does Skybender Have in Store for Us

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3 Will Google Reveal Something Amazing In 2018?

The secret project is being handled by Google Access, the department responsible for providing Gigabit fiber service in the USA. The main engineer overseeing the project is Google’s Paul Husted.

According to a Google statement released recently by its lawyer, the technology undergoing development is of an extremely sensitive nature. Divulging its details means also releasing information about Google’s technology and business strategies. Public disclosure of Google’s secret desert project could well jeopardize the entire technology and undermine its value by becoming accessible to competitors who could well develop similar strategies in a similar period. Why would Google want that? The best way is to keep the entire project under wraps and a big secret. So we will just have to wait for an amazing revelation from Google in 2018.

Will Google Reveal Something Amazing In 2018?

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