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When humans are faced with death, their will to live is tested to the maximum. The scenario can be anything, an accident, an effort to hurt you or it may be anything, even a deadly disease.

David Hibbitt of Staffordshire, U.K was faced with the dreaded truth of doctors giving him just 18 months to live. Hibbitt suffered from bowel cancer and despite going through chemotherapy and radiation treatment, his health showed no signs of progress. In a desperate measure, Hibbitt decided to turn to an unconventional method in a hope to cure his cancer.

Read on to find out how he saved himself.


1 David Hibbitt’s ordeal

David Hibbitt is a 33 year old resident of Staffordshire, U.K, was diagnosed with bowel cancer in July 2012. He underwent all the possible treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation treatment and even surgery in order to try and cure his cancer. The doctors removed his large bowel in an attempt to stem the spread of cancer.

But even after such efforts, the doctors saw no improvement in David’s health. The doctors told him that the cancer was terminal and gave him 18 months to live. As a husband and father to a son, Hibbitt decided to try something alternative in order to save himself.

David Hibbitt’s ordeal

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