You won’t believe what this adorable little girl does with her food at a diner

Compassion!! It is a huge word and all because it is extremely hard to put into practice. While we may show compassion among friends and family members, how compassionate can we be when it involves a homeless or hungry stranger living on the street? Now while many of us do drop a few coins into the hands of a man seeking alms, how many would be willing to share a meal from the diner with the poor?. Well while we do have the Mother Teresas of the world who teach us compassion, there are other little teachers of compassion that turn up at unexpected quarters. That is innocent little children who know much more than you or me when it comes to practicing this big big word.

Take a look at the video at the end of this article. This little girl shares her food with a stranger and the reaction of her face is the biggest example of what compassion looks like today.

1 She gets served a big plate of food at a diner

When this little Ella from California is served her dish at a diner, all you hear is one sentence. “Can I give it to him”. Her father Eddie Scott replies ‘yes, go’. That’s when the most incredible thing happens. You may find it hard to believe that a little girl this small can actually perform an act of compassion which you and I would never have even contemplated on.

She gets served a big plate of food


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