Kiwi teenager girl with a rare disease speaks after 4 years of silence

There are many illnesses which cause loss of our sensory organs. Losing any one of sensory organs to any illness or accident can be a life changing experience for any one. Let alone if you are just a teenager, who has started to experience the joys of life.

One such Kiwi teenager lost a very important organ when she was 9 years old due to life threatening disease, but has recently won a huge battle against the disease by doing something that everyone wanted her to accomplish.

Find out what happened to her and how she has won the first round against the disease.

1 Who is Grace Yeats?

Grace Yeats was a normal 9-year-old girl from Carteton in New Zealand, when she was diagnosed with a serious brain illness known as basal ganglia necrosis. After her 10th birthday, Grace came down with a bout of throat, head and nose ailments. Initially the doctors diagnosed her with a simple virus and gave her medicine and sent her back home.


But she woke up unable to do any work and was just vomiting. She also complained of pain in her legs. Seeing her condition going bad rapidly, she was moved to the ER, where scans showed that her brain was under attack. A condition known as basal ganglia necrosis was setting in.

Who is Grace Yeats?

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