The amazing moment when one little girl silenced the world for 5 minutes

The year 1992 was a significant year in the ensuing battle to protect the environment. Ecological activists got a shot in the warm to deliver speeches at the very first UN Conference on Climate change in Rio, Brazil. But, more than the conference, one incident made a huge impact on leaders around the world.

That was the year when one little girl silenced the world for 5 minutes with a heart rending speech on environmental protection.

1 A little 12 year old girl travels to Rio earth summit

Severn Cullis Suzuki from Canada, daughter of David Suzuki was just 12 years old in 1992. With mature values at that tender age, she raised money through Eco and travelled herself to attend the first world earth summit in Rio. When she took the podium to speak, she delivered a short but powerful speech that shook leaders and made the world sit up and listen. That one little girl silenced the world for 5 minutes.

The girl’s short speech was flawless. She delivered it with the grace and poignancy of a world leader no less calling upon adults to educate children and cultivating values in respect of the environment. Alone, she defined roles for climate activists and negotiators. Her voice rang sharp and true and was heard by millions.

Severn Cullis Suzuki from Canada

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