This girl almost lost her finger tips for the most shocking reasons you could imagine


Battling Anorexia is extremely tough for several young girls all over the world. But what is heartening to know is the fact that with sheer determination you can get over it even though it may almost take your life. Ellie Lietzow suffered form an eating disorder and was depressed to a point where she even lost her fingertips. Living in Australia, Ellie Lietzow at 17 even refused to drink water and her weight plummeted to five and a half stone.

When Elle was young she was overweight. She was taunted and called a whale by her peers at school. However determined to get fit and lose weight, Elle took to swimming and at 15 even entered the Australian Olympic swimming trials. But it was soon after that she gave up the sport and took to the most dangerous thing. Dieting.

1 Hospitalization for the first time

Elle Soon started eating less. Although she began dieting on only fish and vegetables, the quantities were growing lesser day by day. Within two months she lost two stone and was immediately hospitalized. That was soon to become a trend when she Ellie developed anorexia and soon cut out food completely form her diet. She lost 40 kgs and was soon confined indoors.

Hospitalization for the first time

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