Girl does something so touching for her stepdad that he cried. Find out what?

When someone elder and dear to you leaves you for whatever reason, it becomes kind of lonely for a person. The need of a personal attachment and longing for a father figure is always there in the life of every child whose parent or parents left them for whatever reason.


The person who then steps into that role is always the person whom the children see as a replacement and not as their natural parent. But when that person accepts the children as their own, the only thing that the person wants is that the children also accept him/her in the same way.

Here is one such story in which a stepdad got a very big surprise from his step-daughter.


1 The daughter

Misty Nicole Knight is a 19-year-old Hooters waitress who lives with her mum and stepdad Ryan Farrell. Knight has been raised by Ryan, who is married to her mother Nicole and has been in her life since Misty was 5 years old.

The two of them share a very tight bond with each other and Misty has never thought that Ryan is not her biological father and is her step father. The two have been inseparable ever since and have shared many funny and emotional moments with each other.

The daughter

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2 The relationship

Misty and Ryan have shared a deep bond and according to Misty, Ryan has been there for her on most of the important moments of her life. She says that Ryan has made her hair, taken her to school. She forged signs on school reports and for this reason he has grounded her in order to instill proper beliefs and manners in her.


Both of them have shared their love for music and attended many concerts together. She decided that now was the time to give something back to the man who has given his life into raising her properly with love and respect.

The relationship

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3 The unbelievable gift

Ryan has been always the step-father officially, but Misty decided to surprise him with something that had the power to change their relationship. She first asked a family member to record it all. She gifted him a big box with a note stuck to it saying ’Read it out loud’. The note said what Misty wanted to say all this while.

It also contained Batman vs Superman onesie and some sweets. But that’s when Misty asked him to open the main surprise in the box. Ryan, who was already on the verge of tears, opened the box further to find some papers. Go to the next page to find out what was in the papers.

The unbelievable gift

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4 The reactions

The final present in the box was the application for official adoption. Misty felt that it was probably time for her to be a Farrell. Ryan immediately burst into tears and gave a tight hug to Misty. The rest of the family applauded at the moment which is now captured in pictures.


Ryan said, “God, I’ve been wanting to do that forever.” Misty posted the pics and video of the same on her Facebook page saying, “So everyone has been waiting for this but I finally asked the man that raised me to adopt me. Love you with all my heart and can’t wait to be a FARRELL.”

The reactions

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Nicole, Misty’s mother also said, “Awww so sweet! I’m so glad you followed through with this! I couldn’t have chosen a better father for you! You have a great father! He loves you and your brother so much!!!!!”


Her story has been shared for over 25000 times on social media.

This story really shows that if you have the heart at the right place and give someone your everything, the love and faith and trust is reciprocated back, no matter how much time it takes.


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