A Giant 700lbs, 13ft Long Alligator Was Found In Georgia

11He also reassured

People, especially those who live near to the lake were quite afraid after the monstrous alligator was caught from nearby. Howze assured the people once again that lake is as safe as it used to be earlier and he will also go for swimming with his family in the summer season.

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12He further said

In order to calm down the people, he further said that they are absolutely safe and these animals have been existing for centuries just like them and they will continue to do so in the future as well. He also said that majority of the times people are harmed by the alligators whenever they step on the alligator in the water body.

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13The decreasing numbers

The numbers of alligators have decreased substantially in the 20th century due to the overhunting and deforestation but efforts were made for their conservation in the 1980s which has resulted in increase in their numbers in the southern states of USA. This can easily be called as a unique story of quick recovery.

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14Their population needs to be managed

Brent Howze is of the opinion that the population of the alligators needs to be managed as they can be very harmful if their numbers are not kept in check. Population control for alligators becomes more necessary if they are found near human habitats.

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15Georgia’s DNR criticized

The social media users slammed DNR, Howze and his team badly for putting the alligator down. People were asking who they are to take this decision about the alligator who survived for 50 yrs because he remained far from humans and as he came in contact with humans, he lost his life. However, Brent Howze and his team felt that it was the best decision for the animal as it was old, ill and injured and there were no chances of him recovering.


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