A Giant 700lbs, 13ft Long Alligator Was Found In Georgia

6The photos went viral

The photos of the 13 feet long alligator were shared on the social media which went viral instantly. However, there were many who claimed that these photos are fake and they gave many reasons to prove that the images have been morphed. In fact, Howze himself spoke that these images are not fake.

Image Source: mashable.com

7What the social media users said

One social media user said that the photo is fake as it is a camera perception trick. As per the user, Brent Howze is posing 10 feet behind the alligator just to make it appear bigger. Such a reaction from the public was expected as it is rare to see such a huge alligator however; this is not the first time that a huge alligator has been caught.

Image Source: www.rollsandrolex.com

8Another user who called it fake

Another user was completely sure that the photo has been photoshopped and he tried to prove it by diverting the attention of other people on the knees of Howze in the photo and said that he has kept his knees on the back of alligator. Many other users also of the opinion that the photo is fake and an alligator can’t be so huge. 

Image Source: www.bamnuttall.co.uk

9There were supporters as well

There were some users who said that the photo is real, such as one user who tried to explain that the alligator is looking bigger because Howze has kept his knees on the ground way behind the animal rather than keeping his knees on the back of the alligator as it feels to be in the photo.

Image Source: purch.com

10Howze clarified

The uproar on the social media was so huge that the wildlife biologist Brent Howze has to himself deny the news of photos being fake and said that people can see him in the photo and he avoided going too near to the alligator as it is very big.

Image Source: yimg.com

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