A Giant 700lbs, 13ft Long Alligator Was Found In Georgia

There are many animals in this world which have either gone extinct or on the verge of getting extinct because of the human interference in their habitat. We humans may be the most intelligent species but we are the most selfish as well. A powerful animal hunt other animals only when he is hungry but humans love to hunt for pleasure and money as well. With the increase in population, deforestation is taking place at an alarming rate because of which the animals are finding it difficult to survive.


Recently, something happened in Georgia which has once again left us thinking about our duties towards the nature:

1What happened in Georgia?

A farmer in southwest Georgia saw a huge alligator in the irrigation ditch in the Lake Blackshear and he informed the Georgia Department of Natural Resources (DNR) about it. Wildlife biologist Brent Howze and his team was sent by the DNR to investigate the matter, however, it took them around one week to arrive at the location.

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2The alligator

The alligator was pulled out from the ditch by Howze and his team but it was quite a big surprise for them as the alligator weighed 700 pounds, it was around 13 feet (4 meters) long and girth of its chest was around 57 inches (144 centimeters). It must have been quite a difficult task for Howze and his team.

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3This is what Howze said

Brent Howze was also surprised after seeing such a huge alligator as he and his team have captured many alligators earlier as well but none so huge. He accepted that it was quite difficult in the beginning considering the height and weight of the alligator but he has a talented team which made it possible to handle the situation properly.

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4The unfortunate decision

The team noticed that the alligator was quite old and in poor health. He had multiple injuries including the wounds that he received because of gunshots; the team had to take the decision of putting him down as it was the best decision as per them in regard to the alligator.

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5Howze’s opinion

Howze said that though it was an unfortunate decision but it was the best decision that could have been taken for the alligator. However, Howze also admitted that an alligator could live so long only if it can avoid coming in contact with the humans.

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