What you never knew about George Michael and what he did with his money


Celebrities should never be judged by the actions in the limelight. Beneath the veil of eccentricity my lie a humane individual more concerned for humanity than you and me. George Michael May he rest in Peace was indeed an iconic figure for both positive and negative reasons. Be as it may, his music was undoubtedly the biggest hits of their time where we all fondly remember numbers like Wake me up and last Christmas.

But what you may not know is the fact that generous George Michael donated large sums of money to charity.


1 George Michael donated selflessly and remained anonymous about his works of charity

George Michael or generous George was known for repeatedly donating money to needy people like the time he tipped a student nurse$5000 and gave £15,000 to a woman who he saw on television. Since his death, several stories have emerged as testimony to his generosity. Even TV presenter Richard Osman verified that he had given £15,000 to a quiz show contestant who was in desperate need of IVF treatment.

Various charities have even praised the singer of hit group ‘wham ‘for his donations and charity fundraising events. What’s amazing about George Michael is the fact that he never donated money for fame. The TV quiz contestant on deal or no deal received 15K but only found out who had given her the money upon his death. Said Lynette Gillard ‘For many years I wondered who had donated this money, and now I know. Thank you. RIP George what an amazing person.’

George Michael donated selflessly and remained anonymous

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