What you never knew about George Michael and what he did with his money

Celebrities should never be judged by the actions in the limelight. Beneath the veil of eccentricity my lie a humane individual more concerned for humanity than you and me. George Michael May he rest in Peace was indeed an iconic figure for both positive and negative reasons. Be as it may, his music was undoubtedly the biggest hits of their time where we all fondly remember numbers like Wake me up and last Christmas.


But what you may not know is the fact that generous George Michael donated large sums of money to charity.


1 George Michael donated selflessly and remained anonymous about his works of charity

George Michael or generous George was known for repeatedly donating money to needy people like the time he tipped a student nurse$5000 and gave £15,000 to a woman who he saw on television. Since his death, several stories have emerged as testimony to his generosity. Even TV presenter Richard Osman verified that he had given £15,000 to a quiz show contestant who was in desperate need of IVF treatment.

Various charities have even praised the singer of hit group ‘wham ‘for his donations and charity fundraising events. What’s amazing about George Michael is the fact that he never donated money for fame. The TV quiz contestant on deal or no deal received 15K but only found out who had given her the money upon his death. Said Lynette Gillard ‘For many years I wondered who had donated this money, and now I know. Thank you. RIP George what an amazing person.’

George Michael donated selflessly and remained anonymous

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2 A big supporter of cancer donation

George Michael donated large sums of money to organizations like the Childline, Terrence Higgins Trust and Macmillan cancer support. They all benefited huge sums of money which Michael gained through royalties of his biggest hit singles. Speculation is ripe that several charities may benefit from his fortune of £ 100 million pounds when it is split up. The star donated royalties from some of his biggest selling hit singles and has made huge donations to Childline, the Terrence Higgins Trust and Macmillan Cancer Support.


His charitable donations have led some to speculate charities may get huge windfalls when his estimated £100million fortune is divided up. Jane Barron from the Terrence Higgins trust remarked that Michael had supported the organization for many years. “We are saddened by the loss of Michael” said Jane.

A big supporter of cancer donation

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3 Royalties form concerts and hit singles usually went to charity

George Michael also donated gifts and helped raised funds to support patients with HIV. George Michael’s donations included royalties from his duet with Elton John in 1991 “Don’t let the sun go down on me”. His charitable donations helped raise awareness of HIV to free those suffering with the disease form discrimination. Dame Esther Rantzen the founder of Childline revealed that the royalties Michael received from his 1996 single “Jesus to a child” which reached number 1 on the charts was given to the organization.

According to Rantzen, George Michael had given the organization millions without wanting people to know about it. The organization had been planning a 30th anniversary celebration with a concert in tribute to the star. ‘And it is particularly tragic that Christmas, which was when he released Jesus to a Child, would also be the time when we lost him”.

George Michael

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4 John Lennon’s piano was purchased by Michael

Michael lost his mother Lesley to cancer in 1997. 10 years after her death Michael honored the nurses who took care of her at a special free concert in North London. Because of her George Michael has donated large sums of money to the Macmillan cancer support. His love for nostalgic items of the music industry ws revealed when he purchased the piano on which John Lennon composed the icon song Imagine, so that the instrument would not end up in some storage house.


He made an anonymous purchase of £1.67 million for the Steinway piano at a pop memorabilia auction in 2000. He later announced that he would hand it over to the Beatles museum in Liverpool. The piano still bears two cigarette burns from the spot where Lennon left a smouldering cigarette. It is strange that such things are only revealed after a man is no more. George Michael was a true philanthropist and we hope he is now resting in peace.

ohn Lennon’s piano was purchased by Michael

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