Shocking new study reveals genes reactivate after death


In a most shocking discovery made from continued research on life after death, researchers have found several genes actually do return back to life after death. The amazing revelation was made in an animal study, despite of it being dead for two whole days.

This could well be one of the biggest revelations of a huge step in mankind’s quest to the perennial question,“is there life after death?” The study on dead animals showed genes reactivate after death.

1 A Huge Stepping Stone To Further Research on Life after Death

The path breaking study may complicate the issue of organ transplants, although it was a huge stepping stone towards future studies that could be life-altering as we know it. The question of whether genes survive death has always been on the minds of the entire scientific fraternity. Now, research at the University of Washington actually revealed that almost 1000 genes remained alive even after death. Some of these genes were revived 24 to 48 hours after death, which was even more remarkable and much to the surprise of the researchers.

Research on Life after Death

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2 Not a Random Instance of Genes Flickering On And Off

What surprised Scientists was the fact that this wasn’t just the last stages of life flickering on and off in an organism. Neither was it a reflex random action of genes, which could lead researchers to discard the incident as something negligible. These were not random instances and hence could not be written off, but regarded as something of substance warranting further research.

The researchers also found something more of significant importance. The genes reactivated after death themselves, and were all associated with stress responses, suggesting that such genes were endeavoring an ultra sort of response to the stressful condition of death. Some of the genes observed were also associated with embryonic development.

Genes Flickering On And Off

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3 Does The Body Make An Effort To Reboot After Death?

The animals, on which the research was conducted, were Zebra, fish and mice. Upon death, a total of 1063 genes were seen to be active. Researchers are putting forward the theory that DNA also packed tight together, starts roaming freely after death. Thus, there were no constrictions upon them and their independent action causes many of them to animate into life which took 24 to 48 hours. The amazing results of the study have been published in Bio Rxiv which is an online life science repository of sorts to make such research and studies available for the entire scientific community.

Reboot After Death?

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Among the genes reactivated after death, the researchers observed most of them had proteins decoded while others showed a significant presence of energy present, which was being utilized for the reactivation. Although, the study states that this abundance of activity is due to a step-by-step shutdown of the body, the big question that remains is, whether this was an initiative to reboot too?


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