18-year-old Girl Spends $1,500 Per Month To Look Like Barbie Doll

People all over the world have started spending a lot of money on changing their appearance. They love to change their physical features to match exactly to the people they look up to. The trend has been growing as people love to look like their favorite celebrities. People are also having money and they want to spend it on cosmetic surgeries to enhance their beauties. Almost everyone likes to improve some features of their body.


1People are inclined towards sporting the look of favorite celebrity

But, of late, it has been seen that people are more inclined towards sporting the look of their favorite celebrity. Fetish for the looks of Angelina Jolie’s lips or Jennifer Lopez’s infamous derriere have been seen most. There are also other celebrities whose looks have also been highly sought after.

Gabriela Jirackova

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218-year-old Gabriela Jirackova from Prague wants to look like Barbie Doll

But, there is one 18 years old girl with the name Gabriela Jirackova from Prague who just wants to look like Barbie Doll. She spends almost a whopping $1,500 per month on clothes, nails, hair and makeup to look exactly like Barbie Doll. Gabriela dreams to earn money and become famous like Barbie Doll.

Gabriela Jirackova from Prague

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3Gabriela said, “I think there’s hardly anything natural today”

“I don’t believe in a natural look. I think there’s hardly anything natural today,” the Czechoslavakian teen proudly told. “I was inspired by real-life Barbies, and also my dolls. I always wanted to stand out and this suited me.”

Gabriela  human barbie

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4Gabriela has gone under knife to look like Barbie Doll

Gabriela has also gone under knife to enhance her features to look exactly like Barbie Doll many times. “I added lip fillers and permanent eyebrows. I spend three and a half hours each day just getting ready. This lifestyle isn’t easy at all. It starts with little adjustments, like hair. Then you want more and more,” she explains.

Gabriela has gone under knife

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5Recently, Gabriela has gone for $4,500 breast augmentation

Recently, Gabriela has gone for $4,500 breast augmentation which was targeted at increasing her natural C-cup to busty G-cup. People also wonder how is she able to spend these huge sums on the procedures to look like Barbie Doll.

Gabriela waist

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6Gabriela’s mother has been supportive

We came to know that her mother is very supportive and she funds all of her extravagant surgeries. “My mom is happy to see me follow my dream, but she’s not keen on plastic surgery, as such,” Gabriela explains.

Gabriela’s mother has been supportive

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7Gabriela’s mom said, “Many mothers condemn me for being a bad influence”

“Many mothers condemn me for being a bad influence on their children, that I’m setting a bad example,” says Gabriela’s mom. “But I believe I am a much better example than the majority of other celebrities, who do drugs, change partners, drink, get involved in scandals, and those kids watch all of that and their parents don’t mind.”

Gabriela in an interveiw

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8There are divided opinions on the Gabriela’s obsession

There are divided opinions on the Gabriela’s obsession to look like Barbie Doll. There are some people who are admiring her looks whereas there are also some who are heavily criticizing the 18 years old girl for her obsession to look like Barbie Doll.

Gabriela’s obsession

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9Gabriela is planning more surgeries in the future

But, Gabriela is not unfazed by all the criticism that she is receiving. In fact, the 18 years old Gabriela is also planning more surgeries in the future. She is planning to have butt implants and even bigger breasts. Gabriela is also thinking about removing her several ribs to look close to her idol Barbie Doll.

Gabriela is planning more surgeries in the future

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10Sahar Tabar underwent 50 surgeries to look like Angelina Jolie

You must have been familiar with the story of Iranian teenager Sahar Tabar who underwent 50 surgeries in an attempt to look like Hollywood heartthrob Angelina Jolie. It is safe to say that the girl looked intimidating after those surgeries. She was brutally trolled on the internet.

Sahar Tabar

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11People referred to her as zombies

Twitter went abuzz after seeing her pictures on internet where some people referred her as zombies. Many had abhorred the new look of Tabar whereas there were some who thought against the surgeons who performed horrible surgeries on her. While Jolie’s ravishing beauty mesmerize people all across the world, Tabar’s unusual transformation was disappointing. It was bound to create uproar in people’s mind.

People referred to her as zombies

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12Surgeons lambast Tabar’s doctor who performed plastic surgeries

Many others questioned the wax-like skin and peculiarly pinched nose as they are considered very unhealthy. The surgeons looked more concerned about the surgeon who was responsible for unusual look of Tabar. They had less discussion on the look of Tabar. They questioned whether that surgeon had ever performed plastic surgery.

Surgeons lambast Tabar

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13A transgender woman, Kyleigh Potts, spent $75,000 to look like Kylie Jenner

Now, a 23 years old transgender woman with the name of Kyleigh Potts has made all kinds of efforts to look like her idol Kylie Jenner. Kyleigh has spent more than $75,000 on many plastic surgery procedures to become like Kylie Jenner. Kyleigh has always been expressive about her love and admiration for the 20 years old reality TV star Kylie Jenner.

Kyleigh Potts

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