For your child’s safety, please stop doing these things immediately!

How careful are you about your child’s safety? Are you aware of the fact that something as simple as wheeling your child in a shopping cart can be dangerous? Although we do love our children, most parents never stop to think about the ramifications of common everyday actions concerning kids. ‘Everyone does it’!!But this should never serve as a justification for carelessness.

While reading about these 10 silly but common mistakes made by parents,you no doubt are guilty of at least one .STOP! You are putting your child’s life in danger. To know more about what you should not be doing, read on!

1 Leaving kids locked in a car

Your child can die of suffocation if locked in a car. Although you may not know that, it is TRUE!

On an average 38 kids suffer death or injury in the US as a result of being left locked in a car. The cause of deaths or injury ranged from suffocation and heat to burns from exposure to sun. Despite of such facts, parents still leave kids locked in a car while shopping. Parents, your kids are precious, take them with you!

Leaving kids locked in a car

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