When fishermen haul up their net full of fish they never in the least expected to find this inside

For fishermen around the world, a daily day of fishing can yield some strange occurrences. It’s not uncommon to get shocked or terrified finding some incomprehensible sea monster in your net. From the smallest little ugly deep sea fish to weird looking crustaceans, fishermen have usually seen the most bizarre sea life.


Similarly when Fisherman went about their usual activity of fishing, they weren’t really expecting the extraordinary. When these fishermen caught something unexpected, they were dumbfounded.

1 A usual day of fishing with a net full of fish

It was of course a usual day of fishing on deep seas. Commercialized fishing yields several thousand fish caught every day. Each time a net is thrown out to sea, it can catch thousands of fish.


As usual, these fishermen pulled in their net which seemed extra heavy but it appeared dark and full of fish which they began unloading onto the trawler.

usual day of fishing

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2 Something seemed large and lurking in the net

The giant net of course contains tons of fish. But they never expected what would roll out after the fish. There seemed a huge dark creature inside, what exactly was it.

Finally it appeared as if it was some gigantic creature and resembled a shark.

Fisherman caught shark in the net

Image Source: www.boredomtherapy.com

3 A huge massive shark

It was a shark!!! And a huge one too at that. When they strung it up it was fifteen feet in length and that’s huge by any circumstances.

The massive shark was most probably entangled in the net and found its self suffocating trapped in tons of fish

A huge massive shark

Image Source: www.dlyakota.ru

4 And if it was caught alive? What then?

Fishermen have caught something unexpected all the time but they couldn’t have bargained for this which must have shocked them out of their wits,

One wonders what would have happened if the shark was alive, that would have been an interesting viral situation too, wouldn’t it?

Shark aught alive

Image Source: www.boredomtherapy.com


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