Firefighters warn against the Horrifying Results of sleeping with a Charging Smartphone placed under pillow

2 What the Newton FD research found out

The Newton FD reported that according to research almost 53% of children and teens charge phones and tablets while the device is under a pillow. This is an extremely dangerous practice as the heat generated cannot dissipate and this makes the charger and the phone hotter. The potential results can be devastating as this could lead to a fire.

Sleeping with a charging Smartphone places the entire family in danger. This is why both adults and teens should safely check where they place their cellphones whilst on charge. Newton FD even displayed horrifying images of what could happen when a phone charges on a soft surface.

Newton NH Fire Department

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3 A charging cellphone possesses the potential to set fire to an entire home

A Smartphone is like a mini computer which is what makes it generate a lot of heat especially when charging. A fan can do much to reduce the heat generated from a charging smartphone but when it is placed under a pillow, there is no access to any cooling agent. This traps heat and can cause flammable conditions.

Burned cellphone charger

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