Firefighters warn against the Horrifying Results of sleeping with a Charging Smartphone placed under pillow

Smartphones today are one of the worst obsessions among the young generation of teens and even younger kids. The trend is deteriorating to the point of kids sleeping with phones beneath their pillows even while the device is charging. Rather than charge the phone during the time when a person is awake, the norm now is to charge a phone at night to avoid missing an alert, a notification or an sms. The biggest danger in such a habit is the lack of knowledge how this could turn fatal.

Sleeping with a charging Smartphone is the most dangerous thing one can do especially if it is charging. A horrible incident occurred in Newton, New Hampshire where the New Hampshire Fire department has also issued an advisory warning on their Facebook page against falling asleep while charging your cellphone in bed. The warning received 31,000 shares and has gone viral.


1 Easy access to technology is, unfortunately, cultivating bad habits

Kids today are bombarded with technology making access to innumerous apps, games and social media interaction a piece of cake through tabs and cellphones. Rather than watch a bit of telly at night or reading, kids are sitting propped in bed glued to a cell phone even while putting it on charge. What ultimately happens is that the kid falls asleep with the cellphone still charging on a soft bed. Even worse is when adults too charge their phones while it is tucked beneath a pillow.

Using cellphone in the bed

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