The finger you use to swipe your phone reveals a lot about you


As humans, it is in our nature to be curious of how the other person is and how he works. How the person behaves and what are that person’s quirks and personality traits? All these answers become more important if the person is someone who you want to spend considerable amount of your time with.

There are many ways to see how a person thinks or what their personality type is. Many a times you can say a lot about a person’s personality by the way they simply walk and talk. Of course if you want to look further, you can check how they move their hands or handle certain objects, as every person has their likes and dislikes.

Here is one such way to know about people’s personality types; by seeing which finger they use to swipe their phones and operate it. Check out for yourself.

1 Index Finger

If you are used to using the first index finger in order to operate the smart phone, than it is possible that you are a much focused person. It means that your use of index finger on the phone means that you are focused on the work at hand. You check everything meticulously so that there is success all the time. Others obviously see you as an inspiration and follow you. Your leadership qualities are well recognized and you can communicate anything to anyone and it is one of your biggest fortes.

Index Finger

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2 Middle Finger

One of the best things about people who use their middle fingers to use the phone is that they are a little forward in their thoughts. They have very strong and magnetic personalities that may dominate others, but are admired for their decision making abilities. Your thoughts are very clear and you speak your mind and are ready to call a spade a spade. Only drawback is that you forget to relax once in a while and unwind. If you do that, your energy will remain like before and you will become more focused.

Middle Finger

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3 Thumb

For people who use their thumbs in order to operate their phones, their personality is akin to that of an extremely busy person. If you use your thumbs in order to swipe around on your phone, then you definitely have millions of things going on at the same time and you love all the busyness that you have. You are constantly on the move, doing one thing after another and with you come a wave of excitement and adrenaline. This leaves you a bit drained at the end of the day.

You should know that it is okay to take some rest for a while so that you get new energy for doing things the correct way again.


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4 Pinky finger

Very few people use the pinky finger to work the phone. But, if you do use your little finger to operate the phone, you definitely are in minority, since the people who do so are known to be of freewill. They do whatever their heart tells them to and they are free spirits, who think for themselves. They tend to be highly creative and have constant inflow of ideas that actually work. You are also liked by people because you listen to them and if they have a problem, you give correct and precise solutions to their problems. You get bored easily, so you keep finding out newer and exciting ways to do daily tasks which keeps you occupied for majority of time. You do listen to everyone, but only do what you want to do.

Pinky finger

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So tell us in comments, what finger do you use and what it tells about your personality type.


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