Find out which subtle tattoo you should get based on your zodiac sign

5 Leo

Tattoo best suited: Crown on wrist

Being a Leo, you are the king of the jungle. You are dominating in everything and kind of take the leadership role at everything you are present at. People are kind of intimidated by you and your presence.


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6 Virgo

Tattoo best suited: “Love” in script on your rib


The scripted ‘Love’ literally means that you are loved by everyone and you love everyone. You are creative and will work in a field you want to. You care about people and their needs and this makes you popular amongst your peers and friends.


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7 Libra

Tattoo best suited: Heart on finger

Being a Libra, you are one of those people who attract other people to you. You have some kind of charm or magic that people become your fan. You are also romantic at heart and are destined for a great love story.


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8 Scorpio

Tattoo best suited: Moon on your ankle

Being a Scorpio means that you are very intelligent and also quite self-sufficient. You have a kind of enigma about you and you know how to keep secrets. Also you are powerful and mentally very strong.


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